Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Name and coil challenge

Drawing this on a piece of cardboard ended up a bad idea.
It was a very un-even surface, and alot of lines ended up very bumpy.
Coil was alot harder then it looks, took me forever to do.
I stuck in bits of  color in a few places.
Laura's name challenge was alot of fun, but it was hard to find
tangles that fit around  my name. It seemed hard to do the tangle
challenge this week, there were  so many distractions and I just
didn't want much to sit and work through it.
So, this is a combination of the Diva challenge and Joey's challenge.

Friday, March 16, 2018

New joey's challenge

Hello everyone! New brat here trying joey's challenge for the first time.
I do the Diva's challenge, and just love it, so started hunting around for 
another challenge. My little blog is pretty new and has not been up for long.
I am seeing all sorts of amazing blogs and work here. So, I am not saying
anything else now because when I get going I never shut up. (hehe).
Oh, and I take  terrible pictures. So here is my  Pokeleaf Challenge.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Verve challenge

Ok, Seems I am  having too many bad days here. I have been very shaky again for the last couple days.Some good days and then some  really bad days.
This is the Verve Diva Challenge. I tried to decide  whether to do a mushroom, or a moon, or maybe both.And I thought both was pushing it a bit, so the moon finally won.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Siri challenge

This is the Siri  #354  Diva challenge. I just want to say I'm not to happy with it after banging up my hand two months ago.  It's taking forever to  feel any better. So i'm just looking at it as  physical therapy. I'm having fun looking at everyone elses work though! I have been awol from the challenge
and other paper art for awhile also.